Is perception reality? What matters?

17 Oct

We’ve heard this so much over the years in the context of marketing strategies. If the public sees your name on enough advertising will they perceive that you are highly successful and therefore able to sell their home? Back in the fifties cigarettes were marketed by saying that certain brands had 67 percent less tar or that 94 percent of Doctors polled preferred a certain brand. The conclusion is that smoking their brand would be good for you. The reality is that smoking is bad for your health. At least the Surgeon General has seen through that ruse.

We all have known some of these high visibility companies who depend mainly on new customers to remain successful. The underlying reality is that the most successful agents/companies are those that understand that relationships and reputation will allow you to keep customers and get referral business better than the glitter of high profile marketing techniques.

It is a well documented fact in real estate that it costs 5 times more money to find a new customer than it costs to keep a customer or get a referral from them. Therefore, the public’s perception may be their reality but eventually the true reality will carry the day.

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