Internet Leads Don’t Work

01 Nov

Internet Leads Don’t Work…..Guess How Much I Made On Internet Leads In 2 Months……$28,404 (Members Only) (edit/delete)

This is what I have been telling our agents. We said it would happen and it is happening now. It is inevitable that more and more leads are coming from the internet. I just wish I could post all the positive comments coming in on this blog.

Via Karen Fiddler Broker/Realtor (The Fiddler Realty Team/eVantage Real Estate):

I know, I know…..blogging doesn’t work. Or maybe it works for others, but not for you. Or the agents who can get Internet Leads are the local powerhouses with aged websites. Or Internet Leads are too hard to work. Or Internet Leads don’t give you phone numbers, so they aren’t real. Or, or, or, or…..or maybe they work just fine!

While you are busy the past couple months explaining why Internet Leads don’t work….I was out working with 3 different leads which all closed last week. Two from Active Rain and one from Trulia. And my Active Rain leads actually ended up in my junk mail (why is that exactly?) so they were even a couple days old when I found them.

Lead 1) Saw a blog post on a short sale that didn’t close….. My Best Short Sale Success…..The One That Didn’t Happen! and loved the story. Sent me an email from AR.

Lead 2) Read a number of my blog posts on Active Rain and decided I knew the area “pretty well” :). Liked that I was the “top” agent of Mission Viejo.

Lead 3) From Trulia…liked the way I handled some of the questions.

Not ONE lead gave me a phone number….and I never had a phone call prior to meeting any of them. We had several emails and arranged to meet at a home. Each was under contract in less than 3 weeks. Each closed last week.

One all cash
One 50% down

So…..go ahead and say Internet Leads don’t work (although I’m wondering why you are here if you believe that) and I’ll just go cash my checks.


Karen Fiddler
The Fiddler Realty Team/eVantage Real Estate

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