I Love my newspaper!!

21 Feb

However, I can read everything I want from my paper on the internet. At least I can still touch and feel my morning paper. I must be a dinosaur because most of the Generation Xers could care less about a newspaper subscription. My 38 year old daughter has never subscribed to a newspaper or magazine. Anything she wants is on the internet.

Ask any of these kids how they find a house to buy and rarely will they look through any publication. It’s all on the internet. It seems to be a generational thing but most people under 50 will likely look to the internet for their house hunting needs. Why not, most web sites provide more relevant information than even the slickest publication would have.

We have used less and less print media and haven’t had any drop off in production. Back in “the day” if I failed to advertise in a newspaper or magazine, I would hear from irate sellers about what I was doing for them. Rarely do I get calls like that now.

So why do we still advertise in the print media? Sometimes I think brokers do this to impress their sellers or perhaps other agents who they might seek to recruit. Trouble is, agents who don’t understand where this is all going aren’t worth recruiting.

Back In 1995 when we got our first web site, I was convinced that the internet would immediately change everything. It was a revolution. I preached and preached the virtues of the internet and it seemed that I was alone. It took a while but all the predictions have come true and then some. It is truly an amazing phenomenon. So the question is, why would anyone throw their money into the black hole called the print media?

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