I don’t really have to sell.

23 Mar

When a potential seller says that, I try to gracefully extract myself and run for the hills.

What that means is; “I am not prepared to be reasonable about my price. I probably won’t be willing to do any repairs. I will however, expect my REALTOR to bring prospective buyers to see my overpriced listing often, provide the most impressive marketing materials and in short, work her butt off diligently to sell my home that I just told her I didn’t really HAVE to sell.”

Well, Mr. Seller. I do HAVE to sell your property,…that is if I want to get paid. So, I think I’ll go find a seller who really wants to sell and appreciates all the time, money, experience and effort I’ll expend to make it happen.

“I don’t really HAVE to sell” sits right there next to “I’m not going to give my house away.”

Run, REALTOR run! You don’t want this one

Marian Goetzinger

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Posted by on March 23, 2011 in Published Articles, Real Estate



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