Keys to Success

13 Apr

If you have been in sales for any length of time I am sure that all of you have seen the title “Key To Success” or one very similar to it many times. I don’t profess to know the “Key To Success”, but I have been in sales long enough to know if you are unable to do two things, then it is very unlikely that you will ever achieve real success.

Before I get into what those two things are, I am in no way discounting all the other things that we need to do to succeed. We need to be:

•Follow through
•Return calls quickly
•Have a positive attitude
•Knowledge of our product
And the list could go on and on. As can the list for the tools that are out there to help use succeed, like:

•Contact Management Programs
•Sales Classes
•Computer programs that make our job easier
•The Internet (and all that goes with it)
And again this list could go on and on. But there are two things that no matter how many techie toys you have or classes you attend, or sales approaches you have learned, or any of the above things that I have mentioned, if you are not able to do these two things, the likelihood for success is very, very small, and most likely not at all.

Those two things are “Persistence”, and the ability to “Get Yourself Up When You Fall Down”. A sales person can not give up at the first or second NO that they hear. And more importantly a sales person has to be able to get up when they fail. These two things don’t cost any money, and can’t be taught. These two things have to be part of our nature. That does not mean that we can’t have our own personal pity party every once and a while. But the successful sales person does not party for long. The successful sales person gets up, learns from the failure, and moves on.

These two things may sound simple, but they are the hardest thing to do if they are not part of who you are. In my opinion it is possible to succeed without any of the things I previously mentioned, but if you are not “Persistence”, and don’t have what it takes to “Get Yourself Up When You Fall Down”. than all of the toys, classes, programs, or Internet is not going to get it done for you.

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