I Love my newspaper!!

However, I can read everything I want from my paper on the internet. At least I can still touch and feel my morning paper. I must be a dinosaur because most of the Generation Xers could care less about a newspaper subscription. My 38 year old daughter has never subscribed to a newspaper or magazine. Anything she wants is on the internet.

Ask any of these kids how they find a house to buy and rarely will they look through any publication. It’s all on the internet. It seems to be a generational thing but most people under 50 will likely look to the internet for their house hunting needs. Why not, most web sites provide more relevant information than even the slickest publication would have.

We have used less and less print media and haven’t had any drop off in production. Back in “the day” if I failed to advertise in a newspaper or magazine, I would hear from irate sellers about what I was doing for them. Rarely do I get calls like that now.

So why do we still advertise in the print media? Sometimes I think brokers do this to impress their sellers or perhaps other agents who they might seek to recruit. Trouble is, agents who don’t understand where this is all going aren’t worth recruiting.

Back In 1995 when we got our first web site, I was convinced that the internet would immediately change everything. It was a revolution. I preached and preached the virtues of the internet and it seemed that I was alone. It took a while but all the predictions have come true and then some. It is truly an amazing phenomenon. So the question is, why would anyone throw their money into the black hole called the print media?

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10 Commandments for Inspectors

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Price Ranges of homes sold

Check out this link for great information on what price ranges homes are selling.


What does this mean?

1.  We should try to target list houses in the price range where the most sell.

2.  We should inform sellers of the odds of their houses selling.

3.  We should list only houses in the 100 to 150 thousand dollar range.

4.  We should look for buyers in the most common price ranges.

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Ten Reasons to List Your Home in the Holiday Season

This is a Great Time to List a Home and there are even more reasons this year to List during the Holiday Season.
With the Present Moratorium on Foreclosures, the Inventories should draw down and that will mean less competition for sellers putting their homes on the market during the holidays and may mean a better opportunity for a quicker sale with fewer hassles.
Here are the top 10 reasons to List this time of year:
1. People who look for homes this time of year are serious buyers and not just out there to wear down your carpets. Serious Buyers pay more for a home. So you get less inconvenience and more serious buyers.
2. In January and forward into the spring there will be dramatically more homes coming to market every day. With more competition, there will be less demand for a particular home.
3. Serious Buyers have fewer houses to choose from during the holidays meaning less competition.
4. Houses show better when decorated for the holidays. Buyers are more emotional during the holidays and a well decorated house with that cinnamon and apple smell with the pine from the tree will affect their buying decision.
5. Buyers may have more time to look for a home with time off during the holidays and winter vacation breaks.
6. Many people want to buy before the end of the year for tax reasons.
7. Traditionally people are transferred at the end of the year and they will need to find new homes and won’t be able to wait until spring to buy.
8. You can be on the market and still restrict showings during family times on the holidays.
9. You may be able to get more money now and extend closing or delay occupancy until next year.
10. By selling now you could be a non-contingent buyer in the spring when many more homes are available for less money.

Mary Macy – Top Agents Atlanta Metro

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Internet Leads Don’t Work

Internet Leads Don’t Work…..Guess How Much I Made On Internet Leads In 2 Months……$28,404 (Members Only) (edit/delete)

This is what I have been telling our agents. We said it would happen and it is happening now. It is inevitable that more and more leads are coming from the internet. I just wish I could post all the positive comments coming in on this blog.

Via Karen Fiddler Broker/Realtor (The Fiddler Realty Team/eVantage Real Estate):

I know, I know…..blogging doesn’t work. Or maybe it works for others, but not for you. Or the agents who can get Internet Leads are the local powerhouses with aged websites. Or Internet Leads are too hard to work. Or Internet Leads don’t give you phone numbers, so they aren’t real. Or, or, or, or…..or maybe they work just fine!

While you are busy the past couple months explaining why Internet Leads don’t work….I was out working with 3 different leads which all closed last week. Two from Active Rain and one from Trulia. And my Active Rain leads actually ended up in my junk mail (why is that exactly?) so they were even a couple days old when I found them.

Lead 1) Saw a blog post on a short sale that didn’t close….. My Best Short Sale Success…..The One That Didn’t Happen! and loved the story. Sent me an email from AR.

Lead 2) Read a number of my blog posts on Active Rain and decided I knew the area “pretty well” :). Liked that I was the “top” agent of Mission Viejo.

Lead 3) From Trulia…liked the way I handled some of the questions.

Not ONE lead gave me a phone number….and I never had a phone call prior to meeting any of them. We had several emails and arranged to meet at a home. Each was under contract in less than 3 weeks. Each closed last week.

One all cash
One 50% down

So…..go ahead and say Internet Leads don’t work (although I’m wondering why you are here if you believe that) and I’ll just go cash my checks.


Karen Fiddler
The Fiddler Realty Team/eVantage Real Estate

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Time to elevate your game

In these conditions, you can’t afford to operate at anything less than your best.

Are you making the most of the last quarter of 2010?
Are you building momentum that will carry you through the first quarter of 2011?
If not, you have to ask yourself “why not”?
Here’s the situation as I see it. See if any (or all) of this hits home with you…

Last quarter of the year blunders.


•Operating in a disorganized fashion.
•Too much focus on what to do and how to do it.
•Not enough action, or action that is not in alignment with your goal.
•Too much busy-ness and not enough business.
•Adhering to a schedule went out the window.
•No boundaries.
•No last quarter goal. (Whether you are on track or off for your yearly goal or not.)
•No plan.”Give up” attitude… It’s the holiday’s and I can’t work…. No one is working anyway… No one is buying… No one is selling.
•Running around like a chicken with its head cut off.


•Not enough income.
•Not using your time wisely.
•Too much income servicing, not enough income producing activities.
•Trying to do too much and really not doing anything, (or anything well).
•Conflicted… When at work you feel you should be at home with family… When at home with family, you feel like you should be working.
•Not qualifying well enough.
•Working with anyone who is breathing just to get your last deals in before the end of the year.
•Not taking time for yourself and family.
•Missing out on the holidays. Or worse yet, not creating business to get you through the holidays, and into the following year.


•In order to have a killer fourth quarter, you have to do something different than you would normally. Or you are just going to have what you have now.
•The definition of insanity is to do the same thing over and over again and expect a different result.î
•Fourth quarter is time for a change in strategy!
•The objective is to get the most out of 2010, and start 2011 with huge momentum, allowing you to have a successful year (because you started out strong).
To do this we need a goal, strategy and plan.

Your Plan Is: Action steps to take, a timeline of events and progress milestones.

Your Strategy Is: HOW something gets done, not just what you do. With a strategy you are not always working directly on the goal itself, but rather improving and positioning, the relationships, resources, flow, systems or even yourself.

Strategies are very different from planning. In fact, when you devise the right strategy, the plan becomes obvious. But without the strategy, the plan is merely a set of linear action steps (lots of work and often not effective).

The strategy we are going to use to have a killer fourth quarter is the ìblitzî or ìSprintî (a short term push).

In the last quarter, as in the last leg of a race, or the last quarter of a game, it is about getting as much out of your time, actions steps, and yourself. To make sure you hit your goal and see all you can do. (Winning!)

The best thing about a BLITZ is you CAN do anything for a short period of time! Not forever!

A blitz calls for peak performance. High focus on the right actions to create your goal.
Action proceeds motivation.
You have to prime the pump and get the juices flowing, which motivates you to work on your goals.
Notice your detours ahead and plan for solutions.

ACTION STEPS: (YOUR plan of action)

1.Get out your planner and block out 2 hours per day to prospect (10 hrs week).
2.(Yes! prospecting is a big part of the BLITZ. Get in front of people and know what to say.)
3.Start with warm calls to those who already know and love you.
4.Designate at least 3 hours a day to high impact prospecting (FSBO, EXPIREDS) Yes, they are out there.
5.Call people other agents are not calling (old expireds, FSBOS from the Internet, etc).
6.Network, network, network.
7.Create reward and consequences (give $100 to charity, or give a shopping spree to yourself).
8.Celebrate and acknowledge yourself for each prospecting session.
9.Remember, your goal for prospecting is a qualifying appointment not a selling appointment. You are looking for the ideal client, not just anyone who breaths.
10.Have a great follow up system in place. And DO IT!
11.Have some fun. See how many no’s you can get. Decide you’ll call until you get 20 no’s. When you aren’t needy, people sense it and relax with you.
12.Take very good care of yourself. You will attract more business because you’ll feel good and project positive energy. This is the very time to make sure you are getting enough rest and time off, to balance the focused time you spend on the blitz. You need to be your sharpest and best self. Do something luscious for yourself daily! (Massage, etc).
13.Holidays are in the Fourth Quarter! Mark all of your time off until the end of the year. RememberÖ..îWe work to live not live to work!î What allows us to take time off during the Holidays is “.Work when it is time to work , play when it is time to play.” Don’t overlap.
14.Look at all listings, GET THEM SALEABLE! If over 45 days, WHY?
15.Identify your IDEAL client and work only with them. Cut “the clients from Hell” loose.
16.Call all leads! Clear out slugs! Ask them 2 questions. ‘Why, and When, do what to move?’ If there is not high enough motivation or degree of certainty, they are a slug, not a lead Cut them loose. If they match, convert them!
17.Hold open houses. Yes, they work. Change your story. I just had a client do this last week as she was kicking a screaming. Result…She had 16 people in, and one bought it that day.

Critical points!

• To have a killer fourth quarter, it is time infuse your business with energy! * Time to get into and be in action * Planning and strategize
•Committing to intense, focused action will bring you business
•You’ll find momentum begins with consistent action * Decide to be successful in the fourth quarter!
•Stir up the cosmic dust!

Have you ever noticed when you get really busy at taking action, when you make calls and connect, business often flows to you? Things start happening from areas you haven’t even focused on. You make calls to a SOI and suddenly someone calls from your farm area. ìWith Action comes the Goddess of Good Luck.î

As you implement this BLITZ STRATEGY in the last quarter, what do you think will happen to your income, and production?
Go make something awesome happen for yourself. You totally deserve it.


Coach Patti Kouri

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Top 10 Reasons to Suspect an Agent is Leaving

Here are the top 10 reasons why you should suspect an agent is leaving.

10. You notice a significant spike in the number of copies made.

9. Agent starts holding an OPEN HOUSE for another company.

8. Agent attends training provided by your competitor.

7. Agent quits coming to Sales Meetings.

6. Broker from another company calls and asks you why your agent is recruiting for another company.

5. Agent starts taking short term listings.

4. Agent starts using their own e-mail service.

3. Agent cleans out their desk moves office home.

2. Agent requests a copy of all your compensation plans and policy manuals.

1. Agent acts like you just fell off the turnip truck.

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